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What is CAPT'nS:

CAPT'nS is the Parent Faculty Group (PFC) for Mariposa and is a registered nonprofit 501c(3) corporation,
# 71-1029553.

Who is a member of CAPT'nS:

All parents or guardians of Mariposa students and members of the Mariposa faculty shall be considered members of the Mariposa CAPT'nS. There are no membership fees.

What are the CAPT'nS objectives:

  1. CAPT'nS shall serve to coordinate and unify parents, faculty and interested individuals in support of the programs, vision and mission of Mariposa, including its six primary tenets - Global Education, Social-Emotional Development, A Developmental Approach, Integration of Movement and Art, Project-Based Learning, and Parent Participation.
  2. CAPT'nS shall coordinate fundraising activities and sponsor committees that endeavor to further the education and welfare of children by supplementing the curriculum, facilities and supplies by managing extra-curricular programs.
  3. CAPT'nS shall provide means to develop cooperation, coordination, communication about the mission and philosophy of Mariposa, and understanding between parents and other groups, both within and outside the school community, including all applicable and appropriate civic, government and business organizations.
  4. CAPT'nS shall inform the membership of any Las Virgenes Unified School District issues that could affect the membership and of legislation pertinent to the Las Virgenes Unified School Distict.
Who are the elected officers for the 2013/14 school year:

Presidents: Sharon Stepenosky and Michelle Schurman
Vice Presidents:  Vicki Routs and Kristen Alyn
Treasurer:  Mini Kacker & Ruth Adler
Director of Fund Development:  Natalie Balyasny and Shari Puana-Weiser
Director of Communication:  Nina Woodson
Director of Parent Participation:  Bernie LeValley and Tammy Griggs
Director of Programs:  Libby Russ
Director of Administration:  Open
Member-at-Large:  Nicole Leighton

The Board also includes the Mariposa Principal, Nema Pierce, and Faculty Representative, Debbie Haig, who serve as advisors to the Board. The officers are elected by a majority of the voting membership to serve on the CAPT'nS Board for a two to three year term. Elected officers serve without pay. Elections take place in April for the following year.


CAPT'nS is not part of the Las Virgenes Unified School District, however we work closely with the District and are guided by their principles. We work to fund all of the programs at Mariposa not currently funded by the District. CAPT'nS files taxes yearly and because we are a registered 501c(3), we are diligent in following our Bylaws.

The budget for the 2011/12 school year may be viewed at:

Click here to view the CAPT'nS Bylaws.


Who Are We

Here's the team for 2013/2014

PRINCIPAL:  Nema Pierce
PRESIDENTS:  Sharon Stepenosky and Michelle Schurman
VICE PRESIDENTS:  Vicki Routs and Kristen Alyn
TREASURER:  Mini Kacker & Ruth Adler
DIRECTORS OF FUND DEVELOPMENT:  Natalie Balyasny and Shari Puana-Weiser
MEMBER-AT-LARGE: Nicole Leighton
WELLNESS COMMITTEE CHAIR:  Caroline Aslanian & Stephanie Bower


Information Coming!

Parent Education

Parent Education

Here at Mariposa we all have something very basic in common, we are all parents of young children trying to do our very best.  We all intentionally chose this school because we were looking for the best education for our children.  However, none of us (and maybe I just speak for myself here) have "arrived".  That's what I love about our Parent Education Nights, we all get together to learn maybe a tid-bit or two or even have a light-bulb moment that could change the course of our family.

The schedule for 2013/14 will be announced shortly.

Room Parents

Coming with the new school year.


Mariposa Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you so much for volunteering at Mariposa!  We request that each family give 12 hours per month and log those hours in the volunteer binder in the front office or email mariposavolunteers@yahoo.com.  Please review this list and contact us for more details, questions or to sign up.

Remember, we are a community that values working together.  Sign up for what suits your talents and abilities; job -sharing is a great possibility for most positions and parents usually come along-side each other to help through out the year. Recruit your friends and split a job -- the more the merrier!!

-Garden Committee- help with the school garden
Contact person: Ziva Santop

-Green Committee- help keep our campus green!
Contact person: Amy Romeo

-Senior Group Visits- help when seniors come to spend time with the kids on campus
Contact person:  Kelly Radinsky

-Food Drive Organizer- oversee and organize Food Drive
Contact person: 

-Food Drive Volunteers- help with collection for Food Drive
Contact person:

-Fund-raiser Assistants- "day of" help during fund-raising events (one or more per year)
Contact person: vacant

-Directory Creator- one-time duty; create school directory
Contact person: Holly Baxter

-Health and Wellness-
help with healthy school lunch program and general wellness
Contact person: Petra Gordon

-Grant Writer- help write 1-3 grants per year
Contact person: vacant

-Silent Auction Assistants- soliciit items for January silent auction
Contact person: Natalie Balyasny or Shari Puana Weiser

-Drop-off Zone Coordinator- help traffic flow in the morning from 8:15-8:45 , one or more days per week
Contact person:  vacant

-Baking (aka Gnome Sweet Gnome Cafe)- bake for events, meetings, Friday morning cafe; be willing to use Mariposa-approved ingredients
Contact person: Leslie Dorfman

-Right Fit Reading- work with reading groups in classrooms, one or more days per week 1:30-2:00pm except Wed.
Contact person:  vacant

-Yard Duty Coordinator- oversee schedule; maintain substitute list
Contact person: Bernie LeValley and Tammy Griggs

-Yard Duty- help oversee playground activities anyday MTTF 10:30-10:50am and/or1:00-1:30pm; W-TBD
Contact person: Bernie LeValley and Tammy Griggs

-Cooking Demo Helper- help set up and publicize events 
Contact person: Petra Gordon

-Yearbook Committee- help take photos and help coordinate publication of yearbook
Contact person: Edie Moses

-Winter Faire Committee- help plan our amazing event that takes place February 2, 2013. ("Day of" help needed as well!)
Contact person: vacant

-Music Festival Helpers- Help with festival that will take place in late October; 2 1/2 hour shifts
Contact person: vacant

-Beach Clean-A-Thon- help organize this annual fund-raising event in April.
Contact person: Amy Romeo

Box Tops Volunteer- collect box tops from office and mail in for reimbursement
Contact person:

-May Fest- help organize and plan our Maypole celebration;  help students practice dances and songs
Contact person: vacant

-Marquee Keeper- decorate and maintain marquee outside school office with upcoming events and informative articles
Contact person:  Bernie LeValley

-Mariposa Promotional Items Sales- organize storage, inventory and sales of T-shirts, water bottles, etc.; collected funds go to treasurer
Contact person: Louise Cole

-Campus Promotions/Signmaker- make and display posters for school events throughout the year
Contact person:  Bernie LeValley and Tammy Griggs

-Op-Ed writer for newsletter- read a book from school list and write up op-ed
Contact person: Nina Woodson

-Community Outreach Committee
Contact person: vacant

Cool Club


THE COOL CLUB (Mariposa's After-school Enrichment Program)

Welcome to the Cool Club. The Cool Club operates as a community at all times focusing on self-awareness, confidence and each members part within that community.  We have a set of agreements that each child agrees to uphold.  These agreements are basic and yet fundamental for every child to learn in their formative years.  They include respect for others, respect for property and most important, having a fall-down laughing good time.

Ms. Amy has many years experience working with children both within the public school system and through private organizations.  She has taught 3 years as a primary classroom teacher and a substitute, in Montessori schools and private theatre programs as well as several years in after-school programs. 

The weekly schedule:

KINDER-Bridge is primarily focused on structured social play both inside and outside the classroom.

Monday:  YOGA
Yoga- Weekly 45 minute yoga sessions to help stretch out and center your child.

Tuesday:  SPORTS         
Sports- Monthly sports program, focusing on a student choice sport.  Examples include kickball, basketball, Field Sports, dodge ball and handball tournaments.

Wednesday: NOVEL & MUSIC
Novel- Each semester a new novel is picked from the classics.  We sit as a group weekly and go on the adventures literature has to offer.  Some past novels include:  Moby Dick, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Huckleberry Finn.

Music-  We have a music teacher who comes in and teaches fundamentals for 2 hours to small groups divided by skill levels.

Thursday:  THEATRE & ART
Art- We explore the basic principles of color, shape and image reproduction focusing each lesson on one of the master.

Theatre-  Various theatre games both improv and scripted.

Dance- Various styles from ballet to hip-hop.

Friday:   FUN FRIDAY       
Fun Friday- This tends to be many of our kids favorite day.  We do all kinds of crazy activities from toilet-papering our room, dancing,  ice-blocking, cooking classes, balloon sculpture, cake fights, water-play and much, much more.

Each day we a lot time for free-play both inside and outside to foster social skills and a sense of belonging.   We also incorporate educational games, trivia and group discussions. For more information on the program or rates please email:  amy@tonicentertainment.com