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Principal's Message

Principal Martinez
Dear Mariposa Community, 
Welcome to the 2023/24 school year!  Our staff has been busy planning for the full time return of our students and we all look forward to bringing joy, building strong relationships, and creating wonderful memories.  We have many new families joining our special Mariposa community and I would like to extend a warm welcome.   
Goals for the Year
  • Great Attendance - please remember it is very important for your child to attend school every day.  They miss out on so many learning opportunities when they are not in school.  Every family's goal for attendance needs to be 1 or less days each month, we can do it!
  • Social Emotional Learning  - will be working with a Social Emotional system called RULER and helping students identify how they are feeling and teaching them strategies to manage their feelings.
  • Strong Relationships - Our staff will continue to build strong relationships with the students and with the parents.  It is important for us all to model kindness and positive interactions with others.
  • Screen free school weeks and Wait Until 8th for a smart phone - We encourage families to follow this important rule in an effort to preserve childhood.  This will be a big push this year and the hope is that everyone will jump on board to what is best for our children.
  • Connection - please find ways to engage and connect with our special Mariposa Community now that things are getting back to normal.
    • Read emails and stay informed
    • Attend all community events
    • Try to come on campus during Wednesday pick-up to meet other parents
    • Build a strong relationship with your child’s teacher
    • Introduce yourself to the front office staff when you come into the office.
    • Always be kind.

The staff and I are looking forward to a wonderful year!

Warm Regards,
Ms. Leslie Martinez - Principal